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     Bernese Mountain Dogs originated in Switzerland and are named for the Canton of Bern.  They were ideal working dogs on Swiss farms for pulling carts to market, driving dairy cattle, and watching the farm as a loyal companion.  The Bernese Mountain dog comes with its many fine qualities, as well as, some as breeders we are not always able to genetically control.  They are the cutest puppies you will ever see, but they do grow up to be large dogs, between 80-110 pounds.  So please ask yourself if this breed will fit into your family and lifestyle.


*  They do shed!  But, brushing them once a week helps remove the old undercoat while keeping their new hair looking beautiful.

*  Berners live a "we" existence, "where are we going" "what are we doing".  They love being with you always. 

*  They are fairly easy to train.  Some are more stubborn than others, but they do want to please you.

*  Be prepared to experience the Berner bump.  When you have a cup of coffee or any drink, your berner will want you to pet             them.  Also, be prepared to have your feet sat on and your legs leaned on by your loving Berner.

*  They do like to eat, so be careful in how much you feed them and what you feed them.  They are always hungry.

*  They do need plenty of fresh water.

*  They do not like hot weather.  They are mountain dogs and like the rain, snow and cold.

*  Like all large breed dogs, they can have Canine Hip Dysplasia.  When inquiring about a Bernese ask the breeder if they x-ray        their dogs for evidence of hip dysplasia.  There is a genetic component to the cause.  Environment factors may also contribute      greatly to the manifestation of symptoms.  Do not over feed or over exercise a young puppy.

*  The Berner does not reach full maturity until 2 to 3 years of age.

*  Cancer is another ugly word when we talk about these beautiful dogs.  Cancer is the number one cause of natural death in all        dogs.  The Bernese is not exempt from this either. 

*  A fenced backyard is a must for a Berner.  Knowing they are safe in the yard when you are busy in the house is a must.

*  A Berner goes through a stage called the "uglies".  During this time they will appear high in the rear, his head may be to big for      his body or vice-versa.  Don't worry this is normal for a young Berner.  One day you will look at your Berner and say "what a          beautiful dog".

     The Bernese Mountian Dog is instinctively loyal to his people and is an excellent breed choice for families willing to commit to responsible ownership of a large working breed.  A Berners favorite resting place is his master's feet!  The life span of the Bernese is best described by the Swiss expression:

"Three years a young dog, three years a good dog, three years a old dog.  All else a gift from God!"